Investigative series

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MPUSD: The $6 Million Question

Monterey County Herald, 08/13/2000- 08/15/2000

A school district’s finance director retires suddenly — and then dies mysteriously. His successor discovers a $6 million budget deficit that plunges the district into a financial crisis.

Natividad: Condition Critical

Monterey County Herald, 11/16/2003- 11/18/2003

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Part II

Part III

My examination of the county hospital’s financial mess reveals a half century of waste and mismanagement.

Single investigative pieces

Campaign tale was shocking, sorid — and entirely false

Pioneer Press, 11/26/2006
On its face, it was a despicable tale: A married man running for mayor of a small town was sneaking into the Twin Cities for sex with Muslim girls.

Repair costs hit the roof

Monterey County Herald, 06/29/2003
The cash-strapped Monterey Peninsula Unified School District may be paying millions of dollars too much to re-roof school buildings by using top-of-the-line materials and failing to shop around.

Monterey Diocese has little to say about abuse cases / Records show 4 priests accused

Monterey County Herald, 05/05/2002
Although the head of the Diocese of Monterey has maintained that the diocese has largely escaped the sexual misconduct scandal that plagues the Catholic Church nationwide, The Herald has learned that the diocese over the past quarter century quietly settled some lawsuits that include allegations of sexual misconduct.

City-owned condos slow to move

Monterey County Herald, 10/06/2002
In an area where people clamor for an affordable place to live, unit No. 7 in the complex at 565 English Ave. is a bit of an irony.

News features

Could this man have stopped a killer?

Pioneer Press, 11/29/2007
The hindsight that picks at Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Olson could drive a cop mad.

Justice could be another victim of Katrina

Knight Ridder Newspapers, 05/24/2007
It has been a world turned upside down for Orleans Parish District Court ever since Hurricane Katrina swept through. Prosecutors and defense lawyers, some of whom are Katrina victims themselves, are beginning to piece together their cases. But the outcomes could be much different from what they originally expected.

Breaking the silence

Monterey County Herald, 06/23/2002

She was a 15-year-old sophomore at Santa Catalina School. He was a 40-year-old Trappist monk from Massachusetts leading a spiritual retreat. Their on-again, off-again affair, which ended when she was 28, shattered her faith.

Motherland of the grape

Knight Ridder Newspapers, 03/17/2004

They call this troubled sweep of Earth the “Cradle of Wine.” But history has been harsh on the Caucasus and its vineyards.

Lighter features

A new beat

Pioneer Press, 03/25/2007

I’m struggling to handcuff Roger Tauer — and botching the job.

Grave digger

Pioneer Press, 03/31/2008

Every so often, Minnesota Department of Health spokesman and author Stew Thornley goes to Minneapolis’ Lakewood Cemetery and visits a grave. His own.

When good turkeys go bad

Pioneer Press, 03/28/2008

When the flock of turkeys arrived last fall at White Bear Lake’s Park Avenue Apartments, they came as good neighbors. But then one turned bad.