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Knight Ridder Newspapers, 12/10/2003

In an attack that came disturbingly close to the seats of Russian power, a suicide bomber blew herself up near Red Square on Tuesday morning, killing six people and injuring 14.

Pioneer Press, 02/06/2007

Two dudes. One Chevy Blazer. One weird encounter at Wal-Mart.

Pioneer Press, 05/05/2005

A clash of cultures — rugged gun club vs. suburban homeowner — has intensified around the rural stretches of the Twin Cities in recent years, and Wednesday it landed at the state Capitol.
Note: Written on deadline in just over an hour.

Enterprise / disaster coverage: Justice could be another victim of Katrina
Knight Ridder Newspapers, 09/30/2005

Whether Kriss Lane is convicted on charges that he killed a convention visitor two years ago might come down to one thing: whether floodwaters buried or destroyed the champagne bottle prosecutors say Lane used as a club.

Pioneer Press, 06/23/2007

A 4:20 a.m. phone call roused Dick Van Keuren from bed last fall. The voice on the other end wasn’t one he recognized. It was so “gargled,” he said. It was his son, Steven. “I just shot Teri,” his son told him that Sept. 22 morning.

Knight Ridder Newspapers, 01/02/2004

Strengthened by this month’s parliamentary elections, Russian President Vladimir Putin is tightening his grip on big business and ordering it to share the wealth.

Pioneer Press, 11/26/2006

On its face, it was a despicable tale: A married man running for mayor of a small town was sneaking into the Twin Cities for sex with Muslim girls.

Investigation – finance: MPUSD: The $6 Million Question
Monterey County Herald, 08/13/2000- 08/15/2000

A school district’s finance director retires suddenly — and then dies mysteriously. His successor discovers discrepancies in the budget that plunge the district into a $6 million crisis.

Pioneer Press, 08/29/2006

What would happen to someone who ate nothing but food on a stick for the 12 days of the Fair:? I am that someone — that increasingly pudgier someone.
Note: This piece appeared as a print-edition update halfway through the Fair, but the whole blog is still available here.

Monterey County Herald, 02/14/2003

She stared straight at me and lowered her tone. “I have four very important words for you: Don’t … use … my … toothbrush.”