My little corner of the world

I can’t solve whatever problems may exist in journalism. But I can cover my beat — my little corner of the world — the way it should be covered.

And in My Little Corner of the World, here’s what happens:

  • Local news is as important as national and international news. I treat the local topics and officials I cover with as much depth and imagination as I would stuff in Washington or Moscow. Readers deserve no less.
  • Daily stories are as engaging as big Sunday pieces. Newspapers and Web sites should be a good read every day — not just when the reporter feels inspired by a big topic. That’s what keeps readers coming back.
  • I’m a filter and gatekeeper for the reader. It’s a role needed more than ever in the age of the Internet and 24-hour news cycle. I don’t fall for bogus stories and Swift Boat tactics. Here’s what happened when someone tried to dump a political smear story on my lap just days before a local election.

Yeah, it sounds a little corny.
But it’s good journalism.