I think my career really started when I got into a car chase with disgraced televangelists Jim and Tammy Bakker. I was covering the PTL sex scandal as lowly intern for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution in 1987. I must have worn them down, because they finally gave me an exclusive interview if I promised to leave them the hell alone.

The news bug bit me, and it hasn’t let go.

Two years after that car chase, I was in Germany when the Berlin Wall fell. That led to a 9-year stay in Central Europe with stints in East Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and the Republic of Georgia.

Back in the States, I have investigated public officials, covered the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. And I’ve spent 12 days gorging myself on every food on a stick I could find during the Minnesota State Fair.

In the quest for information, I’ve been ejected from more school sites, federal properties and businesses than I can count. I’ve been yelled at in public, lied to in private, and threatened in writing. I’ve got a thick skin and a doggedness about getting the facts.

I have had a ton of fun. So why shouldn’t the reader? In a world that takes itself too seriously sometimes, I try to show the quirky side of things and approach stories with a little humor.